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by Trippies Team

During your adventures on Trippie Island you've probably come across some Items. Lots and lots of items. I LOVE Items! Let's talk Items!

Item Rarity

Items are classified and color-coded by their rarity and purpose.


Currencies power Trippie Island commerce. Buying and selling. $FROG is the main currency of Trippie Island, but some other curriencies pop up on occasion. The Ghost Pirates covet Cursed Doubloons. Twisted Trippies reluctantly use Twisted Toads. Phoenix Festival Fans are up to their eyeballs in Phoenix Festival Tickets. Spend enough time on Trippie Island and you're sure to collect some of these. Chances are you can use them to buy...MORE ITEMS!

Junk Items

Whoever said 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' clearly wasn't talking about this crap. That being said...there may be a use for some of this junk yet. Afterall, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Common Items

Your normal, everyday, run of the mill, average, ordinary, standard, unremarkable, unexceptional, undistinguished, unmemorable, humdrum items.

Uncommon Items

Now we're talking! You're far from common and your items should be as well. Uncommon items are not exactly rare, but nothing to sneeze at either. You'll find some of these with a little bit of exploring and chances are they'll do something useful. Useful and practical, just like you.

Rare Items

The moment we've all been waiting for. Rare items! You find one of these, you did good. You'll have the envy of your peers. These items are quite special, just like you. Some of these can be quite hard to find, and they just might do something remarkable.

Epic Trophies

Epic Trophies are genuine treasures. They're often extremely hard to come by and are usually tied to big events. They chronicle your Trippie Island adventures and they tell your Trippie story. They are trophies to be treasured, and hoarded, and shown off. A true Trippie will be compelled to collect them all, only then will the true secrets of Trippie Island be revealed.

Legendary Trophies

These priceless artifacts are one of a kind. They are truly exceptional and serve a pivotal role in Trippie Lore. If you have one of these consider yourself very lucky. View every legendary trophy discovered so far here.

The Ten Treasure Troves of Trippie Island


We hope you've enjoyed this little tour of Trippie Itemization. We've got some cool new uses for all of the above items coming up. Collect those Epic Trophies!