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The treasure of Trippie Island, as delicious as it is mysterious: TRIPPIE $BREW. Unlock the secrets of this magical elixer.

TRIPPIE $BREW is a collectible fungible token on the Solana blockchain. $BREW is the first Trippies product to be released on Solana and our first fungible token.

Limited supply, Trippie Holders get the first taste...

Our newest Trippies Arcade game! Play Hangry Dragon and earn $BREW and $FROG!

Every day you play you'll earn a TREASURE CHEST. The higher your score the more you'll get.

Our genesis collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

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A collection of 10,000 NFTs invading Trippie Island.

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Our Twisted counterparts. Mint a Twisted Brew. Drink it. Get a Twisted Trippie.

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Turn a Trippie into a Twisted! One sip is all it takes.

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