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Our genesis collection and your avatar. Start here. Choose from 20 different characters.
Twisted Trippies
Our Twisted counterparts from the Twisted Timeline.
Cosmic Trippies
Alien invaders intent on ruining our fun. Collect them before they collect you.


Abominable Trippies
The Abominable Snowmen are visiting Trippie Island for the Holidays. Hide your pets. Hide your food. Yaknow what?...just hide.
Ghost Pirates of Trippie Island
The damned crew of the dread ship The Eyeless Mermaid come to haunt Trippie Island every Halloween.


Twisted Brews
One sip is all it takes. Don't say we didn't warn you.
Trippie Comics
You've explored the Island, now learn its story. The Trippies Comic is an on-going series. Issue #1 on sale now. Issue #2 coming soon.
Trippie Tapestry
Celebrate the Trippie's first birthday. Collect pieces of the Trippie Tapestry.
Mint Passes
A first class ticket to an elite Trippie experience. When nothing but the best will do.
Island Passes
Artifacts from the Island. For the consummate explorer.
Mining Tools
'X' marks the spot.