In the heart of the Caribbean lies the enchanting Trippie Island, a haven shrouded in mystery and magic. Amidst lush tropical landscapes and crystal-clear waters of Trippie Island, thrives an industry as vibrant as the island itself – the production of the legendary Trippie Brew. This elixir is more than just a beverage; it's a celebration of the Trippies.

With a blend of exotic fruits, rare spices, secret herbs, and the secretions of Trippie Frogs, each batch is meticulously brewed to perfection.

As the sun kisses the horizon, the island comes alive with the aroma of brewing magic, a tantalizing concoction that beckons travelers from far and wide.

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What is?

TRIPPIE $BREW is a collectible fungible token (SPL Token) on the Solana blockchain. $BREW is the first Trippies product to be released on Solana and our first fungible token.

How many TRIPPIE $BREWs are there?

$BREW has a fixed supply. The Trippie Island Trading Guild has authorized the creation and distribution of 10,000,000 Trippie $BREW coins.

What do?

Trippie $BREW is a fun collectible. Collect as many as you can. They'll have utility in the Trippie Island ecosystem. They put the FUN in Fungible.

How get?


The $BREW is currently live on the Pinksale platform.

Community Tokenization:

Trippie Holders will be able to take part in a one time only $BREW airdrop. To take part you must own a Trippie NFT (OG, Cosmic, Twisted, Ghost, or Abom), you must connect your Solana wallet to your Trippie account (so we know where to airdrop to), and you must join our $BREW Crew Telegram.

Check and confirm your AIRDROP STATUS here.

Trippie Island:

Spin the Wheel of $BREW and you might win one. Also you can take your chances at the Island Raffle or outbid everyone at the Auction House.

I have more questions!

Ask away in our Discord or our $BREW Crew Telegram.