Abominable Weather

While the tropical Yeti is docile, even affable, their cold weather cousins are a bit more...abominable. And they're in town for Christmas. But they only really get riled up in subzero temperatures and that never occurs on tropical Trippie Island, so we should be fine...

Unfortunately, the diabolical Jack Frost, the Blizzard Wizard, has brought a frightful blizzard to Trippie Island and the Abominable Snowmen have started to ransack the place.

The ABOMINABLE Trippies Collection

ABOMINABLE Trippies is a seasonal Trippie collection available to mint only during the Holiday season.

The collection will return every Christmas and every year it will feature a new character. Each character will be mintable for one Christmas, and one Christmas only.

Christmas 2022 featured the ABOMINABLE Snowman, the cold weather cousins of our tropical Trippie Yeti.

Christmas 2023 features the ???

One thing every Trippie knows
Is that it never ever snows.
The mountain burns too hot.

Why then does the fire flicker?
Why then do the wizards whisper?
A chill is in the air.

Why do the Boogies hide in fear?
Why do goblins snicker and sneer?
The rabbits often tremble.

Not volcano’s might nor Phoenix light
Can keep you safe this winter’s night.
Jack Frost has come to town.

Trippie Island lullaby