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Christmas 2023: Secret Christmas Present

ABOMINABLE Trippies is a seasonal Trippie collection available to mint only during the Holiday season.

The collection will return every Christmas and every year it will feature a new character.

Each character will be mintable for one Christmas, and one Christmas only.

This year, the featured character is a ... SURPRISE! You'll mint a Christmas Present that can't be opened until Christmas Day. The excitement! The anticipation! What could it be?!

Minting is paused.

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Mint FAQs

Wen mint?

Mint opens Thursday, December 1, 2022 and closes Christmas Eve, December 24.

Wen reveal?

You can open your Christmas Present on Christmas Day (or anytime after)!!

How much?

0.012 eth

Where do I get one?

Right here on

What's the collection size?

Collection size is temporally limited, not quantitatively limited. Abominable Trippies will be minted until the end of the month and then the mint will be turned off. The mint will return next year with a new character, but no one will ever be able to mint more of this year's' character after this December!

What for?

Fun! Its a fun PFP project with amazing collectible art and trait combinations. The Abominable Trippies collection will act as your gateway token to the Trippie Island Christmas activities!

Any special NFTs?


One things every Trippie knows
Is that it never ever snows.
The mountain burns too hot.

Why then does the fire flicker?
Why then do the wizards whisper?
A chill is in the air.

Why do the Boogies hide in fear?
Why do goblins snicker and sneer?
The rabbits often tremble.

Not volcano’s might nor Phoenix light
Can keep you safe this winter’s night.
Jack Frost has come to town.

Trippie Island lullaby