The Toymaker of Trippie Island

An old toymaker has retired to Trippie Island. He spends his days carving toys out of driftwood for the Trippie children. Also for some reason the Island is now infested with Reindeer.

The ABOMINABLE Trippies Collection

ABOMINABLE Trippies is a seasonal Trippie collection available to mint only during the Holiday season.

The collection will return every Christmas and every year it will feature a new character. Each character will be mintable for one Christmas, and one Christmas only.

Christmas 2022 featured the ABOMINABLE Snowman, the cold weather cousins of our tropical Trippie Yeti.

Christmas 2023 features the ???

Santa tired of snow and ice,
Retired to Trippie Island, oh so nice.
Palm trees swaying, sunsets grand,
In tropical bliss, on warm white sand.

No more chimneys, just ocean breeze,
Santa lounging under palm trees.
Reindeer grazing, elves at play,
On Trippie Island, he thinks he’ll stay.