Hi! If you're a member of any of these communities, you're invited to the Trippie Island Vacation Club! Every day you'll be able to claim a special Treasure Chest! The more you have the more you'll get! Don't forget to take the time to explore Trippie Island! Surprises around every corner!


Click on any community you're a member of to claim your daily Treasure Chest.

Want your favorite community to be considered for Vacation Club? Message us on Discord or Twitter and we'll take a look.


What is Trippie Island Vacation Club?

It's a special invitation from Trippies to select NFT communities to spend time on our Island and earn some prizes.

Did someone say prizes?

Indeed! Every day you'll get a Treasure Chest full of trinkets, treasures, and $FROG. The more of the NFT you hold, the more you'll get. Don't bother moving stuff around between wallets. Each NFT will only be rewarded once a day no matter what wallet it's in.

How do I claim my daily Treasure Chest?

Login to the Trippies website with your Ethereum Wallet and click the community you're a member of.

How can my community join the Vacation Club?

Message us on Discord or Twitter and we'll take a look.

Do I need a Trippie NFT to participate?

Nope! But if you want to earn even more Treasure Chests and $FROG you might want to consider picking one up.

My treasures today are a bit crap.

Better luck tomorrow!