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$FROG Coin

Unlock the secrets of Trippie Island with $FROG token.

Until now, these mystical tokens were elusive: only found on Trippie Island. But hold onto your sun hats, because $FROG is leaping onto the Ethereum blockchain. Ribbit.

Trippie $FROGs are not just a currency; they're the heart and soul of Trippie Island's whimsical world. $FROG is the key to the mysteries of Trippie Island and Trippie Brew.

This is the same $FROG you've been earning on the island, only now it's on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows our $FROGs to have a value outside just the island and be freely traded like any other blockchain token. It enables potentially wider adoption, new audiences, and new use-cases.

$FROG will be officially launched with a pre-sale on the Pink Sale platform and the creation of a liquidity pool for ease of trading.

Some time after that the Island Bank will open, allowing the transfer of $FROG between the Island and the Blockchain.

Token pre-sale starts soon! Get ready!


How many $FROG tokens are there?

$FROG has a fixed supply. 10,000,000 Trippie Frogs on Trippie Island.

How do I get some?

Take part in the token pre-sale.

What about the $FROG I earn every day on Trippie Island?

Those are the same $FROG. You'll be able to deposit on-chain $FROG into the Trippie Island bank to use on the Island, and you'll be able to withdraw $FROG from the Island Bank to use it on the blockchain.

The Island Bank will NOT be open when the on-chain token launches but will open soon after the pre-sale closes allowing you to move your $FROG to and from the Island at will.

I have more questions!

Ask away in our Discord.