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August Update

by Trippies Team

What have we been up here over on the Island? Overhauling the bar, cleaning up the broken trippie brew glasses and chisels left lying around by ya’ll after a long day of mining. Aside from that, here's what we’ve been working on this last week:

New Website

New website with a fresh new colorful design at our new domain New blog, that you're reading now. Enhanced Trippie Browsers for both Genesis Trippies and Cosmic Trippies.

New Logo

With the departure of Party Pete and the domain, it was time to update the logo to cement our new identity. Something simple, something fun. After a late night Fruit Loops induced spiritual nap, our Logo Wizards awoke inspired and locked themselves away from the world for countless minutes. Behold the outcome:

Store is launched!

New merch store is launched at The team put a lot of work into giving a great start to the merch store. Something requested often and made a priority.

Blog Launch

We launched our blog this week. That way announcements, content about trippies and NFT News and topics have a place to live in our community. Both as a reference for Trippies holders and a tool to market and grow.

New Team's First Twitter Spaces

We had our first New Team Twitter Spaces! We'd like to thank everyone who listened in. We'd also like to assure everyone we won't stop searching for survivors until everyone is accounted for.

Dirty Money · Trippies Spaces #1

Wow. Just wow.

There is so much more to come. As a newly formed team we are developing a future “roadmap” for new growth, community strengthening events, and fun new ways to get the most out of your Trippies! Thank you for trusting us with your patience and faith. We love Trippies.

As a wise man once said, we’re at the trippity top of the volcano, but we’re only halfway up.


The Trippies Team