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Last notes of the Defenders of Trippie Island

Dearest Mother,

Wow, just wow. As the Ghost fleet bombards us, the lads and I have done, to our full measure, all that we could to prepare in the defense of Trippie Island. We’ve been rationing our Trippie Brew to three pints an hour to stay clear headed and ready...ish.

I know not what the next day will hold. Only that Captain Dillie stands upon his rock bravely leading this ragtag band of scallywags. Boldly he stands, mostly upright, most of the time. And we are with him to the end!

Tell my family I look forward to the day where we reunite, in this world or the next, and please tell Steve from next door that I know it was him that put a cursed monkey head in my brew keg and if I survive this he and I are going to have a long talk about his future.

With hope,

Your Son