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No Escape from Trippie Island

Trippies is introducing a new reward system we're calling One Way Ticket. If you find yourself on Trippie Island and feel like you might want to stick around for a while this is for you.

One Way Ticket is our 'staking' mechanism. To take advantage of One Way Ticket simply do not list your Trippies for sale on ANY marketplaces and revoke all existing Approvals. Then just kick back and relax and enjoy the island. If you have a wallet that is not approved to sell on any marketplaces you will receive 1 $FROG per Trippy each day.

If you've listed your Trippies for sale in the past you must revoke the Approval you granted to any marketplaces to be elligible for One Way Ticket. You can do this at If you need assistance open a service ticket in Discord.

Check your One Way Ticket status here

One Way Ticket rewards start going out next week, so get your house in order.