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The Phoenix

Trippies is introducing a new 1/1 NFT to our Genesis Collection: The Phoenix! One lucky(?) Trippie NFT will be transformed into the new Phoenix NFT.

The Three Totems

The Phoenix is the third totemic spirit beast of Trippie Island, along with The Pegasus and The Kraken. The Phoenix is said to come when the Island needs her the most. The Pegasus dwells in the skies and the Kraken dwells in the seas, but the Phoenix... she dwells in the heart of every Trippie.

The Three Sigils

Adherents to a particular totemic spirit beast bear its sigil, though the Kraken has slept for so long its sigil has not been seen for millenia.

How to get The Phoenix NFT

Only one Trippie will transform into the Phoenix. To have a chance you must complete a series of challenges called "The Path of the Phoenix". To begin the challenge visit Trippie Island and click the huge Phoenix Egg sitting in the mouth of the volcano.

"The Path of the Phoenix" will be challenging and only the most dedicated Trippie collectors will be able to complete it. But there are rewards every step of the way so everyone should give it a try. Have fun!