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What's up next for the Trippies?

$FROG Coin

Trippies is finally introducing its ERC20 $FROG token. This is the same $FROG you've been earning on the island, only now it's on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows our $FROGs to have a value outside just the island and be freely traded like any other blockchain token. It enables potentially wider adoption, new audiences, and new use-cases.

$FROG will be officially launched with a pre-sale on the Pink Sale platform and the creation of a liquidity pool for ease of trading. After that the First Bank of Trippie Island will open, allowing the transfer of $FROG between the Island and the Blockchain. We're very excited about the future of $FROG! Learn more here.

Flappy Pegasus

Introducing Trippie Arcade! We're launching the first of our Trippie video games: Flappy Pegasus. This is the first product from Trippies Game Studios. This will initially launch as a web game. It'll run on desktop and mobile (if you have a high end phone) and will also eventually launch on iOS and Android. You'll be able to earn $FROG and compete in daily and weekly leaderboards. Trippie Arcade is just getting started and is intended to experiment with the intersection of NFTs, blockchain, and gaming. Learn more here.

Ghost Pirates of Trippie Island - Season 2

Halloween is getting closer and that means the return of the Ghost Pirates of Trippie Island is imminent. Every Halloween the Ghost Pirates of Trippie Island collection awakens and a new character is introduced. Last year's character was the titular Ghost Pirate. This year's character is the ???.

Reminds me of that's it go? "Buy buy buy those Ghost Pirates..."