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The Zombie Curse Game

Zombie is not a disease, it's a CURSE, and it's spreading throughout Trippie Island. Check out the status of the curse by clicking the big CURSED MONKEY HEAD on the Island.

The Zombie Curse Game is a game of hot potato. Every ZOMBIE TRIPPIE spawns a CURSED MONKEY HEAD into your inventory to start the game. Every CURSED MONKEY HEAD has a timer with a progress bar on it and when the time is up they will curse one of your Trippies with the ZOMBIE CURSE, transforming them into a Zombie.

But don't just sit idle and allow that to happen! Send your CURSED MONKEY HEADS to someone else's inventory and make it their problem. Spend some Cursed Doubloons and you'll be able to send your CURSED MONKEY HEADS to someone else. There's also rumors of a ZOMBIE ANTIDOTE but I've yet to see any hard evidence for such a thing. Seems pretty far fetched.

If there are no Trippies to curse in a wallet the CURSED MONKEY HEADS will jump to another random wallet.

The goal is to survive. At the end of the game whoever has the most surviving Trippies wins. Or whoever is last to die "wins". The winner gets the very special 1/1 NFT, the Captain of the Ghost Pirates: Captain Nathaniel Náli Náli himself.

There's also some score keeping. Every surviving Trippie is worth +100 points. Every time a CURSED MONKEY HEAD that you send to someone curses a Trippies you get +10 points. Score will determine some prizes.

And don't worry. The Zombie Curse will wear off after Halloween. You won't be stuck like this forever.