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Chapter 3: Twisted Timelines

"Time does funny things in these waters."

Trippy Brew always makes time seem a little funny, but this is something else entirely. The Timelines have gotten all Twisted. Strange things are afoot on the island. Stranger than usual, even. Here's what's happening...

Crystal Mining

Strange crystal formations are appearing all over the island.

Some Trippies theorize that the strange crystal formations on the island are pieces of another timeline encroaching on ours and are to be considered very dangerous.

Other Trippies want to hit the crystals with mining tools to see if treasure comes out.

Twisted Toads Discord Game

Twisted Toads from the Twisted Timeline are invading our Island and eating our $FROG.

Keep an eye on Trippies Discord. If you see a Twisted Toad pop into Discord General Chat be quick to throw it into the Volcano.

You'll earn yourself a Crystal Shard and you're going to want as many of those as possible very soon.