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Twisted Brew

Twisted Brew is Trippie Brew made from the secretions, oozes, and bile of Twisted Toads. Take a swig and open your mind to the Twisted Timeline! Twisted Brew is a collection of 10,021 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each one will open a Trippie up to its Twisted Trippie counterpart.

The collection also includes 21 TITAN BREWS. Drink a TITAN BREW and summon one of the 21 TWISTED TITANS.

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Twisted Brew



Mint a Twisted Brew. Drink it. Get a Twisted Trippie.

How many Twisted Trippie Brews are there?

There are a total of 10,021 NFTs in the Twisted Trippie Brew collection. One for each of the 10,000 original Trippies. There are also 21 TITAN Brews, one for each of the Twisted TITANS.

What do?

If a Trippie drinks a Twisted Brew it will reveal their twisted counterpart on the Twisted Timeline. Translation: It mints you the Twisted Trippie NFT that corresponds to the Trippie that drank the brew.

What chain are Twisted Trippie Brews minted on?

Twisted Trippie Brews are on Ethereum.

Who are the artists?

The Twisted Trippie Brew collection is illustrated by Rui Duarte and Joe Ruiz.

Rui Duarte has been in professional illustration and has forged a caricature career since 2003 which led him to become a storyboard and comic artist. In the NFT world he is best known for drawing the art of Bulls on the Block.

Joe Ruiz, a Georgia based painter and illustrator, has been mastering his talents since his art school days in the early 90s. A disciple of the San Francisco Art Institute, he has illustrated popular books, games, and print work for the last 3 decades.

How do I get one?

Mint one right here.